JM Libarnes Web Designer | Cebu Graphic Artist | Siargao Video Editor | Photographer
Finalist in Sinulog Film Festival Cebu City
Awardee for Best Child Performer
Nominee for Best Supporting Actor
A short film by
Shaun&IMD Production and JMLibarnes Movie Studio
Story&Directed by : Shaun.Catubigan
Produced by: Shiela Chavez Lim, Gladys Baluyos and JM Libarnes
Chino, a 10-year old son of a devotee of the Sr. Sto. Nino is full of dreams. But after his mother suffered from an illness, he started to sell candles at the Basilica del Sto. Nino of Cebu to earn for their living. Every day as a young vendor, he will meet many devotees of different struggles. And, that will be Jay and Claire, two people who almost had the same fates before their dreams came true and he will also be a friend to MaiMai, a young devotee and she is a graduating student from one of the prestigious universities in Cebu. But MaiMai suddenly stops going to church and he doesn't see her for a while. She begins losing her faith in Sr. Sto. Nino after her family died of a tragic accident. MaiMai turns to parties to forget her sadness that could cost her future. But Chino will unexpectedly meet her and he knew she needs help though he can confide with her with a simple thing. How will a young boy turn to be a blessing to others? And, will he live his dream into a reality?
Gasa Shortfilm Sinulog Awardee | Shaun Catubigan | JM Libarnes


Where would kindness take you? This question lingers the story of Shaun Catubigan's short film, Gasa (Gift), which bagged the Best Child Performer Award for the 2013 edition of the Sinulog Film Festival.

The movie revolves around starry-eyed Chino, who is a child full of dreams. After his mother suffered from an illness, he started selling candles at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño to make ends meet. On a daily, he meets people with different struggles. Despite his challenges, Chino will learn how he could become a blessing to others.

With a duration of 14 minutes and 29 seconds, this short film will definitely move you. - Sunstar Cebu


Shaun Catubigan & JM Libarnes Awardee
Chino Vincent Wyze Samson Best Child Performer Awarding Nights
Dove Claire Layola - Gasa Shortfilm
GASA Collaterals Graphic Design by JM Libarnes
Team GASA attending Awards Night






Awarding Nights Team GASA Vincent Samson
JM Libarnes | Dove Layola | Jay Crisologo | Shaun
Team Gasa Shortfilm | JM Libarnes | Shaun | Dove
JM Libarnes Holding the Trophy for Best Child Performer
Nomination for Best Child Performer
Shaunwyn Catubigan and JM Libarnes behind GASA Shortfilm
JeMaimah Gorne
Showing in SM Cebu Cinema . Team GASA
JM Libarnes,Calvin,Jay Crisologo,Shaun Catubigan
Vincent Wyze Samson and Dove Layola
Tungod Sa Kaayo Mo - OST GASA
GASA Teaser
GASA short film in Yahoo news GASA - 5 Sinulog Short filmls you can watch on youtube
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GASA Short Film Sinulog Cebu


Chino, a 10-year old son of a devotee of the Sr. Sto. Nino is full of dreams. But after his mother suffered from an illness, he started to sell candles at the Basilica del Sto. Nino of Cebu to earn for their living. Continue Reading
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