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Siargao beyond surfing

Graphic designer and island mainstay JM Libarnes, who spends a good chunk of every month hanging out in Siargao, suggests a few interesting alternatives to catching a wave . Continue Reading
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Seize EACH Day.

Apparently Filipinos may have also had a role in developing the famous dish from Louisiana, the gumbo.

Theorists suggest that the addition of shrimp to the dish—which is already a multicultural pot of culinary influences from the Africans, Choctaw, Spanish and French—came from Filipino settlers in a fishing village south of New Orleans back in the late 19th century. Continue Reading

Barcelona Spain Photo Exhibit | JM Libarnes Barcelona Spain PHOTO EXHIBIT . Continue Reading
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Drowing Drowing 4

THE WAR in Iraq had just been over when artists belonging to the group thought of putting up a show that would vent their frusrations over the defeat of peace.

That synergy of pacifism and art resulted into this year's "Drowing Drowing 4," an exhibit of drawings and other works running until Aug. 10 at SM City Art Gallery. "Drowing Drowing 4" is a regular exhibit of Pusod, an active group of contemporary artists in the city. Continue Reading

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