Check out some of my awards designs in the portfolio below:

Jm Libarnes Trophy Medal Designs
Customized Sports Medal & Lei
Trophy Plaque Medal Designs
Customized Sports Trophy
awards trophy sports
Customized Sample Trophy
Jm Libarnes Trophy Medal Designs
Customized Sports Medal

Awards Design Services

I offer a range of awards design services tailored to meet your needs:

  • Trophies: Custom trophy design for sports events, competitions, and recognition ceremonies.
  • Medals: Unique medal designs for sporting events, academic achievements, and corporate recognition.
  • Certificates: Creative certificate designs for awards, achievements, and special recognitions.
  • Plaques: Elegant plaque designs for employee recognition, retirements, and special achievements.
  • Custom Awards: Bespoke awards design for any occasion or event, tailored to your specifications.

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